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“To grow a leading medical business tightly with Social Sensitivity:
in our land, we feel the historical obligation of being part of the Human Story. A successful story..”



We established Eurosup Medicals in 2018 and entered the healthcare and hospital market with solutions for microbiology and scientific equipmentto obtain a leading position in our field. Our goal has always been to diversify our strategy and explore more scientific fields.​ Thus, we expanded our activities to more specialized healthcare products.

We focus on areas of high innovation such as: vascular access, endovascular, surgical oncology, general surgery, neuro/spine surgery and patient monitoring by recruiting highly experienced people from the medical sector, aiming at a flawless healthcare treatment for all patients.

We have already expanded our activities in Cyprus.



In the last 4 years, EUROSUP MEDICALS has intergrated a team of professionals who brought a high know-how and expertise of 10-20 years, matched to a blend of academic backgrounds, intrinsically mixed with the common denominator of experience with niche products and (with) thousands of hours of attendance in oparational rooms.

Our ambition reflects our well-established and strong position as a main stakeholder in the domestic medical business, projecting to further expand the network and enhance export activities.


To reach the next level in our business success-story, while protagonizing in the optimization of medical cares to patients upon the most advanced technologies, technics and materials; we are structuring a product portfolio of excellence.


Become key players in every Medical Devices field we participate.​

Introduce new and innovative technologies to the Greek Medical Devices market.​

Become one of the best places to work and thus attract talented people form the Medical Devices field.​

Establish our presence in all geographic areas of Greece and then focus on exporting our know-how.​


EUROSUP MEDICALS is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2016, EN ISO 14001:2015, EN ISO 13485:2016 standards, as well as the Greek Ministry of Health directive DY8d/1348/2004

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